Why No New Shows?

You may wonder why no new shows of Maxine’s Corner-TV. Well there have been a number of reasons and I have I hope kept you updated, . . . quite vaguely, I’ll admit. You’re probably sick of hearing the vague reasoning, so I’ll come clean.

One of the reasons was that in my move to house-sit a friend’s home I lost my camcorder, at the end of November 2010. Now perhaps it is with some of my things out in New Jersey or possibly in Laurelton, Queens (unlikely), but it definitely did not come with me up to Inwood. Two of my last interviews were with people I think you would have been quite interested in. One is an up and coming Internet radio personality, who is also a triple threat, singer, actor, and dancer who’d dug himself out of the hole of alcoholism to follow his dreams and he told how he did it. You may have heard of him, Tym Moss – Artist Exposed, from New York City. I thought it would have been a treat to have his show air during the holidays.

The other person, is touted as being (and he is) quite the dapper, dashingly handsome Designer and Director of Crossover Interior Design for GMC, as well as having been the first African-American innovative designer for the “Big Three” automakers, within his varied career.  I was able to sit down with him as he (and his wife) visited The ‘Big Apple’ from the Detroit area.  I had hoped to have his interview shown during Black History Month.

As you know, I graduated from WIBO  (Workshop In Business Opportunities) at the end of January. What a wonderful evening and event that was.   Sixteen classes in all I believe with varying class sizes of participants. It was phenomenal. From my small class of 12 graduates, led by Larry Feldman, three of us are continuing to meet on a bi-monthly basis to brainstorm and catch up with each other’s process as business owners. Just before graduation we met on a weekly basis, but now I think in order to carry out our ideas it is a better fit to meet less often. Larry surprised me while he announced my name before he presented to me my certificate, he also announced I’d won the Quicken software prize for the class.

Another reason, you have not seen much activity on this website is that I have been finishing my book. No, not a memoir already. It’s my book on budget weddings in New York City. It sounds like an oxymoron, but it really isn’t and it can be done. My husband and I did it almost six years ago and I re-researched different price points and it can still be done. Yes, even here in New York City’s five boroughs. I hope you will find it delightful, of course, but also quite helpful for you or anyone you know who might be getting married in the very near future. If you would like a copy it is being produced very soon as an eBook.

Final reason, I needed a chance and a change to get on the path of where I am going. In other words I needed to re-find myself. Get to know me better; with who I am, who I am as an artist and continue on the path that is the real one for me. I have done lots of reading and have recommended some books to you at the bottom of this missive.  I have also done lots of praying and meditating and even some crying, finally. In the end I believe what I have come to realize and will begin to put into place will be a better me. And with that better me, I will be able to offer you better shows and on a regular basis. I am looking forward to doing just that starting in the latter part of August 2011.

In the meantime, check out my other website, especially if you are getting married: www.budgetweddingsnyc.com Don’t worry, though now that I am better situated in a more permanent spot, I will also check in here more frequently and add my two cents about  my piece  of the world and about me within it. Looking forward to communicating more frequently.  Ciao/Blessings All.

Books worth getting and reading more than once:

The Secret Code of Success, by Noah St. John

If you’d like to purchase the above book or any of his other products, please go here: http://www.noahtools.com/cmd.php?af=1328145&p=4

Rework, by David Heinemeier Hansson and Jason Fried

Living the Charmed Life, by Victoria Moran

Back of the Napkin, by Dan Roam

The Cross of Redemption, by James Baldwin

A Course in Weight Loss, Marianne Williamson


Pre-WIBO Graduation

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All of us new graduates-to-be from the previous 16-Week class are aflutter this weekend, getting ready for our graduation, but also our first Business Expo for our new businesses. Should we have T-Shirts, or bags or buttons and what size — or cookies or pencils? Shall we incorporate or register for a LLC? Did you get a domain name or set up your website, yet? There are 8 classes of (people) businesses all across four of the five boroughs (excluding Staten Island), Yonkers, and possibly in town on Long Island getting ready for this event. I won’t say it’s an event of a lifetime but it definitely starts a new chapter for many or reinforces a newish old one. The business exposition is two hours prior to graduation, in which we will proudly display our businesses for invited guests and drop-ins. There is even a bit of competitiveness surrounding the expo for the businesses being displayed, which goes to three businesses in which their table displays can explain what their business is without having to ask the the business owner. I am quite competitive, so you know I am doing my best to be in the running as well.
Three of us, from the Washington Heights WIBO class known as “Charging Toward Greatness” [Acronym of our initials] have decided we don’t really need bags, since our companies are not well known as yet. Although, now that I think of it, the Bus. Expos that I have gone to along the way have not been well known (except the auto show) to me or my friends necessarily and yet we did pick up bags and pencils,even cookies from those companies, so perhaps we are making a mistake on that count. Since we are all starting up whether for the first time or again, the real expense on participating in a Business Expo is I am sure starting to catch up with us. We can only do our best and succeed. That is what any business person tries to do on a daily basis let alone participating in a business event such as an Expo. It’s our first ones. Thankfully, it is at our graduation that we are getting our feet wet, so to speak and not into the real fire. Getting ready for that I am sure would be even more stressful.
I think our 13 teachers and our facilitator will be quite proud of each of us no matter what we do or don’t do at this Business Expo, especially since we have completed all of the exercises over the course of the last 16 weeks. We all on that count have a lot to be proud of for ourselves. And I know I for one am very proud of my success already.

Tres Jolie Salon Offers Deal To You

After having the opportunity and  pleasure of chatting with the owners of Tres Jolie (Kimmie Hendrix, Dale EdgehillDale Edgehill and Christine Valentin) during Fashion Week, they offered my viewers a discount if you go to the shop and mention MaxinesCorner-TV.  As you can imagine that evening, there were lots of models and model-types out and filling up the shop with Tres Jolie’s fall/winter hair fashion line for 2010 – 2011.  All of the tall AND beautiful folks were out, including yours truly (who, I’ll admit it I am not that tall).  Fashion bigwig hairstylist Andre’ who suggested the evening to them was there to make sure it was jumping off and I would have to say it was a major hit and success.  Definitely a fun evening of chatting and networking was had by all:  photographers (Seth London), videographers, Internet TV hosts, models, performers, etc.

Tres Jolie  is located on 27th Street just east of 7th Avenue, near FIT.  Check them out.   You will not be disappointed.  Then tell us about your experience.

Tres Jolie Beauty Boutique, 166 W. 27th Street, New York, near Fashion Institute of Technology.  Open:  Monday – Friday 10a-6p; Saturday 8a-6p

My Perfect Music Day Wth Spiritual Uplift

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Today was a perfect day, even a beautiful day of music. At least for me and I wager a guess that most musicians and or performers would understand. Plus, the beauty of the day itself was perfect, both scenically and weather wise.


I started off my day early this morning, at least for a Sunday, arise at 7:30 a.m. To shower, get dress and call two friends so that they could get to Symphony Space. Me, because my choir was singing two songs and my two friends so they could get into line and get a free ticket to come into the service today. It was already a special day, because Marianne Williamson was our speaker, but to sing two songs in the service made it extra special, as well. You might say Marianne Williamson was special enough and that would be true, but today had a kind of a festival feel for me beginning with church. We had a full compliment of musical spirit. Rosena Hill sang as her husband, Jason Jackson, trombonist, and friend Fabio Morgero, trumpet player played accompanying her along with our regular musicians including Doyle Newmeyer, Ayodele, Clyde and Dan. Rosena and Jason wrote the song she perfomed called Jack and Hill. A beautiful rendition of a biblical verse of knowing God is within and guiding us on our way. A preamble nugget before Ms. Williamson spoke.


After Ms. Williamson’s talk, Voices In Unity took the stage for an meditation answer to the talk, appropriately “God Is In This Place”. Then during the offertory we sang “Proud”, with Antoinio Edwards as the soloist. Whereas both songs were moving, neither song is like the other or really for that matter like anything else I saw later in the day, but perfect for today’s service.


Home I went to have lunch, empty my mini video camera, and edit 4 minutes of one of my next MC shows. Then off to my next musical event of the day. This time I was off to meet a friend of mine at Carnegie Hall. How do you get to Carnegie Hall quickly? Usually practice, practice, practice, which the participants of “Too Hot To Handel, the Gospel Messiah seriously did a lot of that before they sang in this wonderful jazzy piece of music. The three soloists made it wonderful, but the performances of the school children made it phenomenal. The soloist were Vaneese Thomas, a joyous singer with sinews of power, from the moment she opened her mouth and sang her first sustained God, Kecia Lewis-Evans, a riffing soprano with power, and Darius de Haas, sweet and deep tenor. All of the soloist as I said were wonderful, but those children (high schoolers) were incredible. There were amazing highs and lows in each piece they sang. There were variables of color in tone and pitch. In the place of a bass line, there were very deep and low basso in its place.



Third, but definitely not least was Carla Lynne Hall’s final gig of 2010, perhaps. She proclaims, she is not claiming that but it is the last one that has been scheduled from before. Ms. Hall, whose music often has an honest and pure quality to it became philosophical waxing poetic with the help of Marianne Williamson and Martha Beck to introduce her songs. This evening too, Ms. Hall proclaimed she would need to write more lighter songs to portray how she feels nowadays. Her song set tonight started from her more darker “My Body’s Keeper” tunes which led us all into the light with “Supernova”. I’d tell you what the songs are about, but you must buy her CD and you will not experience disappointment when you receive it. Her CD is one of my favorites, along with Rosena Hill, any thing by the following Barbra Streisand, Elton John and Gladys Knight. Most of the songs she sang are included on her Supernova CD. I even sang a bit of Aretha. Ms. Hall sang one of Aretha Franklin’s standards a Capella and invited, we in SIP to be her backup singers. Truly a lot of fun.



As I said at the beginning it was a perfect day of music and spiritual uplift and I think you can see why. How in the world can you not have the best day with all that music. It was lovely. It couldn’t have gotten any better and yet, it did, since at all three events I ran into people I hadn’t seen in a very long time and got to chat with them and met a few that I’d never known before.


Shall I name drop – why not it’s my article, right? Laura Diaz, Kristin Duarte, Patricia Clark, Freeman Palmer, Donny Egan, Vaneese Thomas, Katie Piper (the photographer), Danny Brookings, Carla Lynne Hall, Pamela Hamilton Geno Telerico, and Ben the waiter at Sip Lounge. It was a great day to meet, greet, listen to music and visit several ethereal makers. I suggest if you get the chance to do three music events in one day, that you do, do it. It not only opens your soul, but refreshes it. I wish you all the opportunity to experience what I was able to do. You’ll love it as much as I did, I am sure.



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Parrot follow-up to Willow Smith "

This time a follow-up from a parrot.  Enjoy it!

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Parrot follow-up to Willow Smith “

This time a follow-up from a parrot.  Enjoy it!

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